8 February 2014

Shagbark Loading Screen for DOTA 2

The all new Shagbark loading screen. So now you can have the courier, HUD & loading screen! :) vote me up so I can join DOTA! :)

For additional information & downloads go to: http://www.windowsgamedownloads.com/shagbark-loading-screen/

Instructions to get the loading screen

Check it out on Steam

made by 國防古人 Taniwha DINO filth

6 October 2013

Hoodie Concept 1

I put together some concepts of hoodies, anyone like?

12 September 2013

Massive Saves by Abaddon

Abaddon doing the most amazing save!

Guild Update!!!! IMPORTANT

Since, the UHG Guild (not the team) has players all over New Zealand, it has been decided that the guild name be changed. In recognition of this, this site will host its own guild section dedicated to those in the guild that aren't in the team. Invitations will go out soon, so tell people and get them hooked onto this.

11 September 2013

Trapped by a Witch Doctors Dance

In a match where Morphling couldn't find his way out of a forest and a Witch Doctor.

26 August 2013

Upcoming LAN Party for Those in Welly

We thinking about doing a LAN party for the DOTA 2 players and other people.
Won't just be playing DOTA 2 though, so if you don't like DOTA 2 then it's no worries.

What you need to bring

  • Bring your rigs / laptops
  • a LAN cable
  • some snacky food
It will be hosted in Upper Hutt, Wellington. + a LAN cable + some snacky food.

I personally (Thomas) will be sharing like 2.6TB of stuff if you want heaps of movies, software and games.

More info out soon.